What do I do with this "wax tart"?

What do I do with this "wax tart"?

Do you have small children? Lots of rambunctious pets? Maybe even live in a dorm or living space that does not allow open flames? Or how about just flat out afraid of fire (it's totally cool, we're all afraid of something after all)?

Speak no further, worry no longer. The whole "wax tart" idea is EXACTLY what you need. 

What is a "wax tart"?

In our store we offer FOUR different ways to purchase a wax tart. As part of our Monthly Wishes Box, Custom 4 for $20, 3oz Singles, and Future Favorites 6 1oz tart sampler.

Wax tarts are simply wax that is poured into cubes rather than a glass container. Ours are made from all natural, USA grown, soy (just like our candles) but if purchasing elsewhere be sure to inquire about the ingredients as they vary from store to store. Ours hold the same ratio of fragrance as our beloved candles and are offered in majority of our scents. 

Ok.. So how do I use this thing?

If using a 3oz tart, you will simply break off one cube or two (varies based off your scent preference) onto a Wax Warmer. If using a 1oz tart, just pop out the whole tart onto a Wax Warmer. There are many different variations of wax warmers and styles offered, especially at a local large anchor store.

To make it even easier for you though, we now offer a variation of wax warmers right here in our shop! They are SUPER cute and themed to pair great with our scents!

How long do they last?

Our individual cubes will last best when melted for only a couple hours at a time. However, each cube can last for up to nearly 10 hours of melting for a total duration of 60 hours in just ONE 3oz tart!

Here's some verified reviews from customers on our tarts:

Christina on French Quarter 3oz Single:

"I am from the south. Magnolias are one of my favorite smells. This wax tart hit that right on. It smells so good and clean and reminds me of spring in the south. I’m going to have to buy a candle of this when spring comes around so I can fill my house with this smell. Also, I was very surprised at the size of the tarts. It seems that they are slightly larger than your normal wax tart you’d pick up in a store, so you get a longer lasting scent because there’s more to melt!"

Shannon on A Wonderful Thought 3oz Single:

"These wax melts were my first ever purchase and I love them! I am obsessed with lemon and lime scents and this did not disappoint. The scent is very nice, fresh and sweet. They have a great texture/consistency and the throw is excellent. I would highly recommend these wax melts and scent and would now like to try some other scents from this company!!"

Alexis on Future Favorites Six 1oz Tart Sampler:

"Recommend! Recommend! Recommend! This is such a great way try out a variety of scents! I ended up getting Bag of Beignets, Unbirthday Cake, Galactic, Pineapple Swirl, Rose Gold Basic, and Shipwrecked. Cannot say enough good things about them! The scents are strong and very prominent, but they're not overwhelming and won't give you a headache. The 1 oz size is perfect for filling the warmer and filling the room with the scent. Shipping was super quick as well! I'll definitely be trying out more scents with this Sampler and buying the candle counterparts of the ones I've already tried! They're seriously amazing, I'm in love!"


So, what scent are you going to try in tart form first and which one of our new warmers are you going to pair it with? Comment below!


  • Posted by Val on

    I LOVE the wax tarts. The scents last forever and it’s super easy to use. Bonus: no open flame to worry about. I’ve only tried the Pineapple Whip scent but have an order in for more!

  • Posted by Erica on

    I love these wax tarts!!! The churro one is by far my favorite. It smells exactly like one!! The smell lasts a very long time for just one cube would definitely buy again!

  • Posted by Krystal on

    Love this post, so informative! Please do one on the Fragrance Oils. :) I know that it will depend on the capacity of the diffuser, but how many drops do you recommend per 100ml of water?

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