COLOR CHANGING Inner Imagination

Star Fruit, Frangipani, Water Lily Coconut, White Musk

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Like many of our other candles, this one not only smells great but COLOR CHANGES! Starting form a regular and normal white, and then burning into this gorgeous deep purple. This transition is meant to symbolize how one little spark in your imagination can blossom into something truly beautiful and we hope that this plants the seed of inspiration into all of our amazing customers!

Scent: Star Fruit, Frangipani, Water Lily Coconut, White Musk

Inside every 8oz candle is FREE random pin, perfect for your collection!

Each candle is hand poured, which means there can be slight differences in look and color from the photo above. With this particular candle, because every single one is hand poured and different, there may be small or subtle purple marks before burns but nothing as significant or beautiful as the transition from white to purple during the actual burning process.

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