Below are some frequently asked questions that may help answer yours!

Don't see an answer to your question? Email us at help@wishescandleco.com


What is a tart? Our wax tarts are cubes of our all natural soy wax that can be popped out of their clamshell containers. Once you pop out the cube, place it into a wax warmer and let it melt to start distributing its beautiful throw. We recommend these for places that cannot have open flames!

Are your candles eco-friendly or vegan? Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the use of all natural soy wax from beans grown in the USA, our fragrances are non-toxic and free from parabens/phthalate. Each of our wicks are lead and zinc free AND all of our jars are reusable/recyclable. 100% cruelty free.

Why do you use purely soy wax? Our wax is 100% soy. It is grown in the USA, supporting our soy farmers + following USA soy growth regulations. In an added step to prevent transfer of crop growth hormones, our distributors follow a filtration protocol to provide us with 100% natural soy wax flakes. We choose to use purely soy as a more natural alternative to many competitor brands (many using an additive called paraffin, which is a petroleum derivative, or other cheaper based wax). This is a product that is being used inside of customers homes + airspace, which is why we only use ingredients that we ourselves would want. From wax to fragrance to our recyclable glass jars, we are making a conscious effort to bring customers the best possible product.

Is it safe to burn the sparkles? YES! Please do, they are even prettier when they burn! Our sparkles are completely plastic free and safe for burning. 

Are your fragrances safe? ALL of our fragrances are phthalate and limonene free and adhere by the IFRA regulations for purity. We pride ourselves on not only having a safe work environment for our team, but a safe product to be burning into the air of our customer's homes. This standard is met throughout all of our products utilizing fragrance oils. 


There's so many scents to choose from, what should I get? It really depends on your favorite type of scents! Try using our tags bar to help narrow down to certain types, if you're still not sure send us an email at bianca@wishescandleco.com and we would be happy to help!

Where do I enter my coupon code? If you have a valid coupon code, it can be entered at checkout!

Can I combine coupon codes? Unfortunately our system does not allow combined coupon codes, however no code is necessary for $5 shipping on domestic orders $55+ after any discounts have been applied.

I want to re-order a scent but I do not see it listed, is it still available? Some fragrances get phased in and out of stock for the seasons while others are retired. Send us an email at help@wishescandleco.com and we will be happy to help!

Can I order in store? Select locations nationwide carry select scents. For a list, please email us at bianca@wishescandleco.com . Some examples include Fleurty , Bibbidi , and Wishes and Warmth.


How long does it take for my order to ship? Our turn-around time is a standard 3-5 business days. However, in many cases it will be sooner. If there is a delay for any reason, it will always be posted on the site. 

How will my order ship? Depending on what you choose at check out, some orders will be available to ship USPS First Class Mail. However, most will be shipped using either USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. 

My order arrived damaged! What should I do? Send us an email with pictures at help@wishescandleco.com and we will take care of you! Always be sure to carefully dispose of any broken glass. 

Do you ship internationally? Yes we do!