Our Products


100% Cotton Wicks- that means no zinc, no lead, no funky stuff. 

Phthalate Free- can't be pronounced? then can't be included. Sorry, not sorry. 

100% All Natural Soy- Soy beans grown in the USA. No paraffin here.

We make home fragrance more than justfun for your sense of smell. Our scents are crafted to take your mind on a journey.

Pin Candles- Our 8oz Candles with a FREE pin inside are a true treat for the ENTIRE family, with pins perfect to add to your collection.

Sparkles- Every candle is adorned with a layer of biodegradable sparkles to go along with the vision

Every part of your candle and tart is hand assembled; from wick placement, wax pouring, label adhesion, and more.

All including careful attention and love by the Wishes' team.