Our Team

The Wishes Candle Co® Family 

Owner and Founder of Wishes! Job titles spans across positions of the entire company and knows no bounds. Working hard to spread joy, sparkles, and family fun with the Wishes' product. Favorite part about her job is getting to interact with Wishes' customers, as they are some of the sweetest and kindest humans EVER!

Who's making your candles?

In addition to Bianca, it's..

Works tirelessly to bring you the best possible product from start to finish! Fulfills orders and is always sure to package large amounts of her love in each order to send off to you in record time! Takes great pride in being able to make each of our customers happy when they open their orders!


With a keen eye for perfection and expertise, Briana makes a great addition to the team fulfilling orders. From pour to shipment, she is involved of the entire process creating your order!

Whose designing your candles? Most of the time it is..


Behind the Wishes' branding since early 2018! Designing fun yet beautiful branding, labels, packaging, and more! Helping to bring all of the Wishes' team brain farts to life in the most elegant way possible!

 Who are you talking to? Likely answering your customer service emails..

 Specializing in Communications and working years in Customer Service, Marissa is the perfect person to talk to about all of your needs! She always goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are as happy as they deserve to be! 


All of us work incredibly hard to bring Wishes' customers the happiest experience imaginable and are blessed to continue to serve you each day! Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime!


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