Where in the WORLD are we?

Where in the WORLD are we?

The simple answer? ALL over, to be precise!

Thanks to our amazing customers, we have reached areas of the world that we can only dream of ever being able to see in person!

After being open for over two years, we decided to map out where in the world our products have been (literally). I found this map on Etsy sold by a pretty awesome company specializing in maps, GeojangoSmartMaps. They were running a labor day sale, and offered a customized Title/Subtitle area.. so naturally:

The shipping was speedy, and arrived safely via FedEx! So once it arrived, we got to it! After pulling up and reminiscing over all of our orders over the last two years, we located each and every one.

We started with North America, where we have now reached all 50 U.S. states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Believe it or not, our very last state was South Dakota (shout out to Christine from SD, you rock!). AND U.S. territory Puerto Rico, we see you!!!

On top of this, our lovely friends up north have shown us endless appreciation in Canada. Do you see the pin that represents your area? We cannot believe how many times we have crossed the border, in spirit of course. 

Then we headed over across the pond, and wow! We never realized how popular we are over in the U.K. but nevertheless, pretty stinkin' awesome! Thank you for all of your love across the way! We couldn't fit nearly all of the pins we needed, but we like to think the few we could fit are representing a largely happy majority :)

In addition to the U.K., we found ourselves in incredible places like Egypt, Switzerland, and even Belgium!

Then we headed south and found our friends all the way over in Australia!

Okay so pretty much, our candles are WAY cooler than us. But, we like to think we send a little bit of our thankfulness everywhere that they go. 

Did you see your pin? You can represent it with more orders from your area. Don't see your pin? Well then we both know there is only one way to change that!

In all seriousness, thank you for allowing us to be world travelers meeting some of the most INCREDIBLE people without ever needing to spend money on a flight or a passport. We love you all and look forward to adding more pin points in the near future.


Yours truly,



  • Posted by Victoria on

    I’m at a DPO and just ordered. You have officially hit Colombia as well :D

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