Greetings From - Norway!

Wildflowers, Watermelon, Crisp Air

We have found ourselves in unprecedented times, while you are practicing your stay at home routine but wishing to be elsewhere - let us take you there with the power of scent! Our new 'Greetings From' Post Card Series will release a new candle the first weekend of every month, our second in the collection is Greetings from Norway! Reminiscent of an adored floral yet subtly fruity perfume shoppe!

Features a GORGEOUS northern lights inspired background!

The first 100 orders for this candle will receive a FREE matching postcard & matching vinyl sticker! One set of freebies per household. 

Scent: Wildflowers, Watermelon, Crisp Air

Additional Notes://bergamot, jasmine, geranium, patchouli

Inside every 8oz candle is FREE random pin, perfect for your collection!

Each candle is hand poured, which means there can be slight differences in look and color from the photo above.

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